Well here I am, finally sitting down in front of my computer finally typing (Happy Humanity!?!). After long deliberation, I'm entering into the social media arena. For many months I've been procrastinating by convincing myself it's not the right time. Or am I afraid of being criticized or am I just another aspiring artist who wants to make his mark in the world or perhaps I'm just lazy? As you can see, there could be a million excuses for my procrastination, but it's not about making my mark as one of 7 billion global citizens. Rather, it's about forming a haven for happiness and self-progress by sharing whatever I've learned, observed and experienced so far in life and expressing how I'm moving from where I've been to where I continue to be. I realized my true intention; I want people to benefit from this blog. If I don't try I'll never know. I hope you find my musings amusing! Here's a brief bio. I grew up in the ever expanding city of Corona, California. Both my parents are from India, but I was born here in the "United" States of America. I graduated from UCLA with a Sociology degree. I like writing and have many goals and visions for the world our children will grow up in one day! This website Happy Humanity!?!, at consists of knowledge I've gained from over the past 2 years to 20 years or more, since much of my learning comes from an accumulation of my past coupled with my present understanding of it (change can be constant or captured, the choice is yours). This blog will become a free encyclopedia that touches on all facets of life, from life's start to life's end and life's every simple and challenging day in the middle, which is actually life's magnificence itself. An "absolute" happy, peaceful and Utopian humanity may never be possible, as our imperfection is our beauty. Yet, in order to get to an awakened evolved global society, we have to start with a happier more fulfilled self, deep down under the surface. It starts and ends with the self, all you have is "x" amount of time left in the middle. You may be billionaire Bill Gates or the happy hard working homeless guy cleaning windshields at the gas station, but looking through the clean glass from inside the vehicle beyond the "change" in your pockets is eventually what will transport you to happiness. We all need sustenance but I believe it’s of no value without happiness or health which comes in many forms. If you enjoy thoughts like this please sign up for blog updates, visit and share Happy Humanity!?! This will help me be part of the ultimate contribution of weaving a solid "world wide web" with perspectives and experiences from myself and anyone else who would like to share. Live, Love, Laugh and Learn, Sameyh


The feeling and human touch of smooth wood is so soothing it can create a change in your mood. That’s what I have experienced in my life. We generally say or physically touch wood so that we hope everything will be all right with us or for someone else. Why do we do this? Is […]


Intention of writing?

My true hearts intention was to always help people however I could. The writing path may have not worked out but I have faith in the power and energy in the universe which will align us together as a society for some period and then all will be destroyed and recreated. It’s the cycle of […]


The hero within

I used to flit here and there for guidance but only a true guru who proves himself through is examples. He is an example of all he preaches that is how my Guru is. Flitting here and there will only give despair if you’re lucky to find a good Guru the one who leads by […]


Yug or Era?

Yug in Hindi means Era and this yug has had many different arrivals. For example, a mere 150 years ago we didn’t even have automobiles, planes, cell phones, computers, internet and many technologies. In the bigger schematic look back a mere 2200 years ago Jesus Christ didn’t exist he wasn’t born yet, yet today his […]


Loyal soil

“Sameyh to Earth”, keep your feet on the ground it will always be there for you. Being grounded means being one with the earth. A dear friend once taught me how to do walking meditation and since then I consider the soil as part of my soul, my being. I suppose we’re all one in […]