What is our intrinsic goal?

Light is another beautiful thing some of us can see and some of us are blind but they can see light. They can feel, they can sense heat, touch, smell. We are so lucky to be born as humans but more importantly what do we do with this life? Do we waste it or use it to the best of our ability. No one is perfect but we have the chance in this life to get closer to ultimate truth. For time immemorial our sages say the soul exists, reincarnation happens but it’s up to our own belief system to recognize our own reality and truth. So may one being may have one sense or six senses, not of matter, the matter is in our effort to progress towards the heavens of peace where the peaceful soul has its home. We all have different challenges with our own karma but that is up to us and only us to persevere and make the very best outcome possible (even though there are many outcomes that are possible). We must think and feel internally positive to progress to the ultimate goal of Nirvana or Moksha, where we end the cycle of life and death.

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