The radicalization of Women

If you look back about a mere 100 years ago women were just getting the right to vote. The age of women is coming where they should have equal rights and respect as men. I believe that women will rule as did men in the future or at least will be on common social grounds in this evolving civilization. We as civilized humans are new to this earth our ancestors did not have technology or cars or planes to make it seems as the world is smaller. Back then the world was big nowadays the world is at the tip of your fingers. So what should we do to realize how lucky we are? We should be grateful to this existence that we are here in this era of time to experience such great feats. Thank God or the supreme power for this beautiful world and the way they have created humanity and all the nature and animals that come along with it. Women should be at the forefront of this upcoming era because women are very smart and have equally just as much power as men it just needs to be evoked and recognized by mankind. I wish all women, humans and this nature well.

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