The feeling and human touch of smooth wood is so soothing it can create a change in your mood. That’s what I have experienced in my life. We generally say or physically touch wood so that we hope everything will be all right with us or for someone else. Why do we do this? Is it a trend or a contemporary statement? Why even write about such a mundane matter, seems pretty weird? But why not talk about a certain experience that has assuaged me in rough moments where I can naturally feel okay. It’s just a contemporary phrase that most of us can relate to. If an experience can possibly help someone including oneself why not try to explicate your hearts random feeling in hopes that it will help. All we can do is try but if we don’t even do that we’ll never know. Once even my Guru and dearest friends said that the whole “brahmand” or galaxies exists in a twig or branch. Which makes wood, so why not correlate nature to a soothing and comforting feeling. Yes, even refined wood is a part of this nature which exists all over the world…let’s take care of our nature/existence not only so it can help us back in return but to intrinsically contribute and care for the environment. So every time we touch wood (which is more often then we realize) let’s feel that soothing nature come into us and also wish well for others through this simple yet trending phrase. (All postings on this blog are not edited)

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