The spirited family wishes

I’ve always been influenced by others including my family not realizing that in the end each decision I make must be my own. This is the growing up we have to go through as a human beings. As an Indian boy growing up in America I was extremely loved by my parents and they have been the best role models I could have ever dreamt of. They gave me guidance, values , virtues, and most of all unconditional love. They are to me my Gods here on earth. I believe a piece of them is instilled in my sister and I, not just genetically but spiritually, emotionally, mentally and they will always be a part of us even after they go or we go. We are such a strong family that sticks together through thick and thin that no matter what the issue may it even be loss or death we have the courage and strength to deal with it and I believe the absolute soul or Paramatma will be there to look over us in good and tough times. This is my conviction. May God bless my family and this entire universe for trying to be and do the best. Was a murderer born as a murderer his circumstances and most of reaction to situations caused him to be that way. So with the so called good comes the bad and that is why I believe in karma theory. It’s the so called source and system of this universe.

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