Why don’t we give enough attention to our loved ones?

Often I ponder about why I don’t give more attention to my loved ones? Why am I always looking to the outside to talk with instead of looking in not only to myself but my loved ones. Since I was a child my mother and father have given me great unconditional love, support, courage and brains. Even today my wife and children are such great support that I can’t even describe. So I’m learning that only with my loved ones connection do I get even stronger than I already am. Channeling this connection with family is the best thing I’ve ever done because it makes me…me even more it chisels my personality even more. So I say let’s all try to give more attention to our loved ones because only when we give do we even have the possibility of receiving. Freedom is the right to make a choice to not only give that attention but to make it undivided attention so the others know how relevant they truly are in your life. Make a change if you haven’t already!

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