Yug or Era?

Yug in Hindi means Era and this yug has had many different arrivals. For example, a mere 150 years ago we didn’t even have automobiles, planes, cell phones, computers, internet and many technologies. In the bigger schematic look back a mere 2200 years ago Jesus Christ didn’t exist he wasn’t born yet, yet today his sacrifice and stories are followed by many many people. Even bigger picture, look back approximately 40,000 years ago at our relatives the Neanderthals we humans started to come into civilization thereafter. So my point is why as a species have we gotten caught up in war, power, money, ego, hatred and at times mass genocide and slavery. Today as a 7.5 billion people population we are dependent on the modern day recently created technologies that often consume us and our original beings who are filled with so much potential. Potential to love, give, be free and be a contributing global citizen. Don’t we want all these great attributes for ourselves and our future generations. Won’t we learn from our past eras? We must learn so that we can make the necessary changes this world needs to give birth to a new era with whom our future generations will lead and create. It starts with us in this Era or Yug and lead to the next. So ruminate for a bit and see how we can make a change by realizing we are a very young species in the big picture of life. Smiles and good wishes always.

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