Intention of writing?

My true hearts intention was to always help people however I could. The writing path may have not worked out but I have faith in the power and energy in the universe which will align us together as a society for some period and then all will be destroyed and recreated. It’s the cycle of thousands and millions of years going through eras of life and death just to be free from it also called moksha in Hindi. I wanted to spread as much knowledge I could. I have been hesitating to write because people may think I’m a weirdo but I think I’m starting to find balance within myself and with that value comes the virtue of fearlessness.  Why fear to express yourself in such a wide space of society. All I’ve ever wanted to was help others, underprivileged, disabled or just the old lady walking across the street. I may have been too self absorbed but that doesn’t mean I have to leave the most beautiful part of this humanity which is giving. So stray strong and true to your positive intentions and leave the rest to person upstairs!

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