A wish for a new lifestyle!

A few years ago when I was in Australia I had made a list of priorities that I wanted to accomplishI learnt the hard way that changes don’t usually manifest themselves instantly…even if you’re determined it’s tough to keep that determination consistent it sometimes can fade with adversity. So how do we make a self help plan or priorities that remain consistent and have the potential to become a new lifestyle. These days everyone talks about lifestyle changes instead of fast dieting and quick results that end up not being consistent. Example being if you go on a certain diet but get distracted down the line you gain back all the weight after going through a tough time that may have caused you to revert to old eating habits. The same goes with a self help plan if you expect instant gratification or lose the patience to have changes in life, then being consistent with that self help plan while trying to make it a new lifestyle is very very difficult. Adversity comes in all shapes, sizes and ways it’s mostly a surprise for us! So what’s the full proof self help plan that takes into account challenges? In my priorities, I wanted self health, wellness, exercise regimen, meditation, a good solid diet, weight reduction and to sleep and wake up at a fixed daily time. I just wanted to refresh, replenish and rejuvenate!! The way to become consistent and be prepared for challenges and adversity is to go all in and commit to yourself that I must change and “accept” that difficulties and accomplishments will be part of the growing pains. I believe it has a lot to do with the way we think hence, feel. If we can first understand and become deeply aware of the way we think than we can eventually change the internal reactions and actions of our thoughts. It comes down to understanding your own psyche first, yes, on the surface we all know basic things about ourselves but in reality most of us may not know the details of our thought process. So in order to change something externally we need to first know about what’s going on internally and better understand how and what we actually think. This is a challenge that should be accepted and completed successfully in each human’s life, at least that is what I believe. It’s not that feasible to remember each one of your thoughts but we can at least become conscious of some of them which we can eventually understand the pattern of the way we think, hence do, hence, feel. The power of commitment with expectations of adversity and success in the journey of self help and self truth can take you miles ahead.

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