Thank and think through your breath! Happy Thanksgiving!

Each day, each minute, each moment that we can say “thank you” that means yes, we are alive, we are breathing, we can feel, we can smile and most importantly we can and think and love! Life’s good regardless of all the challenges and problems, at least we have the senses to overcome our obstacles or misleading temptations or just to say “thanks” for this breath that’s gifted to us free of cost! I say thank goodness with each breath in and each breath out. When you think try to realize your breath it will make you more calm and think more rationally regardless of what is happening. This human life is so precious that we take it for granted. It is so nice to have Holidays like today that will hopefully make us count our blessings with wholesome gratitude for this life that we have. If you’re reading this right now, you have the ability to read which is not known to many people on this earth. If you have a family or friends then this day, month, year, decade and life should be full of Thankfulness! Thank Goodness and the almighty omnipotence that brings us this life as a part of this humanity. Happy Thanksgiving!! Try your hardest to “Thank and Think through your breath” each of the 365 days of the year! Let’s say bye to this decade and ring in the new era with this conscious and constant way of giving thanks!

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