How will I stick to a positive routine when back home?

A few years ago I went on a vacation to visit my cousins in Australia, and I tried putting myself into a positive routine that would allow me to progress when I came back. I was eating right, and walking an hour everyday life was nice. I was walking through beautiful forests that made me closer to nature and it’s pristine beauty. Toward the end of my trip I wavered and started drinking which took away the elegance or satisfaction of having a healthy and positive routine. It sidetracked me so this question came back to me…how do I maintain my routine when I get back home. It wasn’t easy and did take some time but eventually I became determined and and made a decision to stick with that routine exercises, meditation, praying, writing etc. It’s interesting how sometimes our most deepest wishes or desires somehow lose their grip and distractions take over. Why is this the case? I believe it’s to learn from our mistakes and have the power to make firm decisions and stick with them. I believe that is why God and karma puts us back here again and again so we learn our own souls truth and lessons from our mistakes. If we fail over and over again like I have many times in life we finally get to a point of losing patience with ourselves and becoming irritated with our habits or actions or even thought process. I was once told that patience with self is confidence. So if we get to a point in life where we repeatedly make the same or similar mistakes it’s important to have a plan to “CHANGE” and PRIORITIZE our sincerest wishes to ameliorate ourselves and become the best version of ourselves. Yes, not this world or the people of this world are utopian but we have the ability to choose and decide what’s best for ourselves and how we get to that destination.

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