Presence of mind!

As I walk through the alleys of daily life, I forget to feel the essence of the wind blowing in my face, of the earths natural greenery around me, the expanse of the endless sky, and the feel of calm confidence that the unmovable mountains give me. We so often forget about the small joys that this human life can give us, we forget about the very small pleasures that we work so hard for. I’ve recently taken up another job and it has baffled me how disconnected I’ve become from myself, my family, and my goals. I feel overwhelmed at times because the pure calling of the tiny blissful blessings I don’t notice because they are usurped from my consciousness. I wish life were easier and we didn’t have to worry or think so much about our livelihood, but in today’s time more than ever this is not the case. We are burdened with bills, mortgage, and the many responsibilities that come with adulthood or even parenthood. I have been a Father for a little less than a decade but still don’t feel like I have done the best job at it, because the tyranny of life’s challenges has unconsciously taken precedence. Just like many parents out there, I succumb to the daily grind of LIFE, missing out on the ever so precious and fleeting experiences that my children go through. Why is this? Why? Why? Why? I’ve realized today that much of it has to do with our “presence of mind”, we are so caught up, that the connection of love from our speedy minds and dear hearts doesn’t transmit to our loved ones. We must make it a point to connect with ourselves and our surrounding every moment we can. Give presence give love.

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