The kite that got stuck in the tree!

In my life I’ve noticed that my kite often gets stuck in a tree because I fly it the same way each time! How can I expect a different outcome if I’m taking the same actions? It’s so easy for a kite to get caught in a tree when you don’t fly it high enough to realize it’s potential. Often negative habits take us astray, they take us back on a road we’ve frequently visited in the past. How do we muster the courage, determination, strength and will to walk on a new road, or fly the kite in a different way. Our life’s actions, good or bad are like the air streams that our kite flys everyday. We wake up in the morning and we have a choice to make it a day that counts in a new way or just another day in which we fly our desires in the wind that got us caught in the tree yesterday. Many of us are on what we call autopilot in the mindfulness practice, we just continue to react, act, and “habituate” naturally based on our worldly carnal or animalistic desires. In order to move forward from the same, we must not only intend to make the day different but also intrinsically try our best to act anew, with revitalized motivation and perseverance to battle our life’s challenges. Difficulties come and go but what stays the same is the deeply hidden treasure that knows only purity, peace, and happiness. Make a decision to try your best to fly your kite in a different way so that it doesn’t get caught again and again. Set your intentions and try to follow through with your actions.

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