Why do we have expectations from our Saints, Prophets and Gurus?

This is an interesting question because I believe that our learn-ed Gurus sometimes can have super powers, immense knowledge and can be a guiding light.  Although, this is the case, EACH and every one of our Saints, Prophets or Gurus however you want to address your religious leader is a “HUMAN”.  We all have the same capabilities, yes some of them may have renounced the world but all of them have the same physical brain and heart that we have.  No “HUMAN IS GOD” yes, they may be close to God through their practices, nature and deeds but they are not GODS.  So why should we have expectations from our guides?  We can’t rely on anyone else to change our lives other than us, yes, we can take guidance from our spiritual leaders but putting those suggestions into action is ALL up to US.  Sometimes in the moment of being with your spiritual leader you feel good because they give you a sense of assurance that everything will be fine.  Although, I’ve learned that the reality is we can’t expect other humans to be GOD or to fix all of our problems, yes, they can assuage us and the situation but they can’t change what “has happened in the past” they can only “advise” you as to what to do in the future, the rest of the thoughts, actions and execution is up to YOU.  We must help ourselves to become stronger and not solely rely on our leaders but we must gain our own confidence and build our own relation with the invisible Almighty.  Don’t get me wrong the guidance we receive is priceless but it’s not always that we follow those guidelines accordingly.  So we shouldn’t expect our guides to “change” our lives, only we can do it for ourselves.  In order to mold suggestions into actions we must LEARN ourselves, our nature, our reactions, our motivations, our challenges…once we do this through the process of understanding experiences or introspection we can then move onto a new life, a new world.




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