The water is craving to nourish me and my old habits gulp it down!

Even the water says drink me! I was sitting at Olive Garden gulping water as I was thirsty and hungry. I felt as if this water is speaking to me asking me how it can nourish me, then I wished I could’ve cherished each touch of the water that came in contact with me. My old habits of ingesting quickly especially when hungry didn’t stop. I thought of how we’re created with water, this beautiful element which is so purely intentioned. Our human body is made up of 70% water just like the earth is made of ~ 70% water, as of today. I still couldn’t stop myself. Even the salad and food was nourishing too but I still couldn’t slowly eat because of my old habits. How do I break my old habits? Not just with regards to ingesting food and liquid but these habits that have chained me down like a slave for so many many years. I crave to be nourished and free from old negative habits and become mindful of the blessing each moment, drop or bite gives me. Mindful eating is so important that we forget to teach our bodies patience. Life swirls us every second and we succumb to the circular ride that it takes us on. We get lost in this land of life that we mindlessly make bad habits as we grow. I think only conscious mindfulness practice can free us from the hold of our old habits. Become free, become mindful.

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