Gratitude for a chance at life!

I am so grateful to even have a chance at living this beautiful human life. Today I was meditating and felt so thankful to be living. In Jain philosophy, we get a human life based on our karma after going through the cycles of life and death. We come into this world, innocent, as a sponge who gets prepared to clean up the mess after being soaked up in the ammunition called learning. Why is this life and the time we’ve been given taken for granted? No one knows when their time will come but what we do know is that we have NOW. Isn’t the NOW enough to be grateful for, why do we get so caught up in wanting beautiful outcomes for our tomorrow? Yes, I have hopes and ambition but why do I have so much expectation? I believe it’s possible to have gratitude for the present while letting go of the future outcome and Not being caught in the vicious cycle of thoughts. I am so thankful to God, my guru, my parents/family, and myself for letting me experience this chance, this moment that exists as life. This is all we have, nothing more and nothing less. Let’s choose to live for NOW rather than living in the tomorrow. The higher consciousness only wants us to be grateful for this life, to live and love in this ephemeral moment. Let’s value God or the higher consciousness by valuing our life which has gives us this opportunity to cherish each second called Life.

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