Unending desires!

My heart is fed up of always looking into the future, hoping for a certain outcome, wanting and wanting more and more. The unending desire never ends!

I was at Subway picking up dinner, I asked the gentleman for a veggie delight. At first, I asked for six slices of cheese because you can get 8 slices with that sandwich. Then, I asked for a veggie patty and he said, do you want a patty sandwich, I said just make it a veggie delight and add the patty so I can get more cheese on it. I said 6 slices of cheese are fine, then I thought to myself, do I truly need 6 slices of cheese when I’m trying to cut down my dairy intake. I changed it to four and realized that I don’t always need to fulfill each of my desires. It’s better to have more tolerance in life. I’ve found it has the potential to make you stronger. I’m trying to get rid of my desires so that I’m free of the need, neediness, and the cravings of temptation.

Why want? Why even need? “Just have”, is what I strive for.

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