The fight of might!

Today my two boys had a fight, it was challenging dealing with their moods, actions, and reactions. My younger son put slime on my older son’s head, and immediately my elder one hit his brother, and the fireworks were lit. In the noise of the yelling and crying was the innocent hearts that ached for even more love and attention. I yelled at my older son and gave him a time out, I told him, “there is NO reason to hit anyone.” When he promised he wouldn’t hit again I ended the time out. He cried for attention and love, as he said “I don’t love you anymore.” This was the moment I realized we all go through the motions of learning at different stages of life. I found my 8 year old hidden under the table as I called out his name while I was taking care of my younger one. Then I finally laid down on the ground with him and explained that negative attracts negative and positive attracts positive. It took a lot of might and love to get him out of the table. All he needed was love and understanding so that he would know that even after the site and sound of his angry Father, he was still loved. I told him it’s your choice to be good or bad, or how to react. I said to talk to us before hitting anyone. He came out and after a few minutes we made up and life was back to normal. I noticed that we all want love and affection. We all need understanding especially that of those who are our loved ones. We all have to make choices in life that define our path. Choices of positive or negative actions and reactions equate to the endless love that exists in every invisible corner of this humanity. May we all be cognizant of the choices we make and the love that is possible to attain.

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