Too fast!

A late night can cause a weary state the next day. This morning I was so tired that I drank two cups of coffee in the morning, but nothing after that. I saw my energy rise through the day but I felt like I was too upbeat, not the way I normally strive to be. I usually try to drink chamomile tea and stay relaxed, poised and become an attentive listener. I was just too fast this morning. Then today I listened to the words of my guide and my heart was filled with hope, love and perseverance to get my daily life the way I desire it to be. I want to be so focused, calm and concentrated that I can see myself relaxed as I am in that very moment. Composed as my persona is supposed to be, not fast the way I’ve made myself from all the years of habit. I strive to slow down and retain my poise while comprehending the words and behaviors of others around me. Knowledge will come but behavior is so very important. I must continue to excel in my path to self realization, to “absolute” self love, and immense patience with the self. It’s me who is the concern not the others around me who I may suspect is the problem. Slow down, become silent, and become free are the words of the beloved guru.

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