Pettiness…what’s truly important?

We get so caught up in the small things like how others look at us versus forgetting the gratitude of actually being able to have this self, this beautiful life. Having this life is important! For example, there were 3 people who didn’t show up at my son’s birthday party. After the party was over I felt a bit bad, but when reaching in my garage at home it hit me…I should just be absolutely grateful for the fact that we were in the position to have this party, with family and friends. To have this memorable time, to have made a happy moment for my dear son. Wasting a thought on something like this isn’t worth it, it was petty…realizing the ultimate truth about what I had been given is what made me happy. The gift of joy, and family was given. The recognition of gratitude is the complete solution to any negative thought that arises. Thank you God for this opportunity of life.

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