Follow your good habits, especially in tough times!

I have learned through my failures of the past that it’s so very important to practice your good habits, especially during the tough moments of life. When I was younger I would often get lost in my bad habits while forgetting my good intentions and good behavior/habits. When I was 24, I broke up with a girl who I dated for a short amount of time, and again my bad habits came back to life. During the time we were dating I had stopped smoking. This time in life, during any and all tough junctures I must learn to maintain my good habits, like exercise and meditation. I cannot let lethargy or temptations get the best of me. Only the call of the Divine can make me reach to where I need to be, in the hearts of other people around me. I’m so grateful to have loved ones around me who support me when I need to strive to keep myself in good condition. Whatever your bad habits are, try not to let them reoccur during bad times because it is very difficult to come back out of that rut. Keep your good habits strong, meditation can be a savior. I pray to God almighty for his grace upon all of you and me to keep us strong through all the unknown and known temptations and challenges of the future.

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