Stop trying to impressing others!

Why do we get so caught up in trying to impress others? Still today, in my life I feel many of us consciously and subconsciously try to impress others. Perhaps, it may have even become a habit to try to make yourself look good. But I struggle with why this is a necessity. Growing up, image was very important in my family. It was important to represent ourselves to society the very best we could. Is there a difference in trying to represent yourself the very best possible and impressing others? There is a thin line between the two, because in order to represent ourselves the very best we have to make ourselves the best we can be in appearance, mentality, and speech. It depends on how and if we internalize the process of being prepared to show ourselves to the world. Do we simply show ourselves or show off, that’s the thin line. We all are different, yet so alike. We all are humans, this is our major commonality. If we recognize that we all have similar desires and maybe even expectations in life then we can understand why it’s so easy to unintentionally or intentionally impress others. If we can strive to represent ourselves to the best without getting attached to the outcome in the process of preparation to meet the world, then self image becomes the epitome of our wishes.

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