Know when to change your hat, to find peace!

I was thinking the other day about how I need to be using my utmost wits and cleverness with certain people and situations versus recognizing how I can afford to be when I don’t have to be dealing with anyone. When I’m alone I can try my best to not think, it’s a scenario where I don’t have to use my wits. I can just be calm and at peace. Different situations demand different types of traits. I believe that when being in the company of others may they be your family, friends, or colleagues you are thinking, because you’re either listening or speaking. However, there’s a chance to stop this thinking when you have a moment alone by relaxing your body and mind. Through the taste of meditation relaxation penetrates my soul, my being, my heart, and my mind. You can change your hat to the practice of meditation through recognizing that you have a moment alone, a moment to spend your precious time with your own being. I’m thankful to my guide to have shared this heavenly practice with me. I hope you decide to change your hat while you have the chance.

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