Don’t be hard on yourself, snap out it!

A couple days back I was feeling bad that I had too much caffeine. I realized that it’s important to have balance. I don’t drink alcohol so caffeine is my ephemeral get away. I was ruminating deeply on the intake of caffeine because it ruined my sleep and realized that if I’m too hard on myself I’ll always be in a lull. I just needed to snap out of it. If we do anything where there’s a chance of repenting then we must have a balancing point where we learn from our mistakes and then just move on, instead of thinking about how I should’ve done this or done that. It’s a matter of being strong and decisive, so as to not repeat the same mistakes. Life is too short to waste time thinking too much. We must spring forward in action to overcome our so called bad choices, whatever they may be. Enjoy the present that creates your future, the past is history, the future is a mystery and the present is the gift.

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