Say no to your desires sometimes!

In mindfulness practice, they say you should look at your thoughts and emotions as a detached or unbiased observer (this is what I’ve learned from my guide). In Jainism, (an Indian religion) they also teach about how one should try to detach from the material life. Today I used both teachings in my practical life. I was at acupuncture earlier today, and the Doctor didn’t turn on the red heating light hovering over my feet. My immediate reaction was to speak up, and ask “Can you please turn on the heating light?” I then thought for a second, “wait, why I do I need to fulfill this small desire of mine?” It occurred to me, that I should start distancing myself from whatever is not absolutely mandatory. Small desire or large desire, it’s something that has the ability to control our thoughts, feeling, and our ver precious lives. Yes, this builds will power but it also makes tough times and good times of life go by easier. In whatever phase of life you’re in it’s rather easier to not “want” but instead just “need”. We should have desires in this human life but if we can gradually taper off some things that are simply a desire then our own strengths accrue. Balance is the key. Through the realization of my thought and looking at it from an unbiased perspective I was able to let go of what I wanted in that very moment. It felt rewarding. I also simultaneously, held up a Jain tenet of detachment. We don’t have to renounce the world we can just find balance through being aware of our desires.

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