The clear image!

Sometimes when I write, I wonder how my image will change with people I know when they read about me. I suppose that is one way to know who are your true friends. I write to release, heal, and help. My so treasured image of many years is at stake, but it’s at stake because of my own wishes not because of being exposed. I’m grateful to let out my feelings, thoughts and insecurities because it makes me stronger, simpler and subtly more stable. Image matters especially when it means upholding the respect of your family. Also, self image is very important, this changes especially during times in life where there is growth that takes inception during a profound epiphany. I feel like I’m at stage where the sky is the limit, it’s finally my chance to make a “clear image” that doesn’t have to be supported by approval of others. When I say approval I don’t mean desperately looking for someone to accept me. I mean having conversation in which I unintentionally try to make myself look good, and subconsciously find ways to have people look at me in a positive light. That is what I have done subconsciously for so many years. I guess the intention with which I speak to others counts. Why speak with the intent to get others to look up to me? Why not speak with the intent to make others feel good? It doesn’t always have to be about me, or the person that may speak with the intent of wanting to look good. It can be about naturally wanting to give to others without the need to satisfy my own desires of the subconscious ego. The “clear image” is what I now crave at this stage of this amazing life.

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