Tired and wired!

I have tried to stop drinking coffee and caffeine for some time now, but in the past two days I drank some coffee and espresso. I woke up early this morning, but was stilled wired from the caffeine of yesterday. I was tired and wired. I went with my son for a four mile hike, then to his soccer game. Exhaustion has been my close friend all day. I drank Gatorade and had some ginseng throughout the day. This kept me going since I decided I wouldn’t have caffeine today. Point is I have been grouchy, short tempered, unproductive work wise, and just out of it. When caffeine can affect your sleep it can be a horrible situation. I need to learn how to value my sleep. When I’m more aware of my needs and take the correct actions accordingly all the negative effects of excess caffeine can diminish. Value your sleep and be kind to your body and brain.


  1. Tom

    Everything in moderation Sameyh! I don’t see anything wrong with a cup of coffee in the morning to get your day started. I always have a couple in the AM, never in the afternoon because it will affect my sleep. And NEVER an afternoon espresso…. that stuff is too strong!

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