What do I want to do in life – A note about true fulfillment!

For the first time in life, I sincerely asked myself what do “I” want to do in life. For a very long time I’ve been burdened with the demands of earning, yes, sustenance for your desired lifestyle is important, but intrinsically wanting to do something for satisfaction or fulfillment can be the true joy of life. I received a WhatsApp message today, it said:

Working For Success Will Make You a Master
But Working For Satisfaction Will Make You a Legend. Masters Are Everywhere
But Legends are very Rare.
🙏🏻 Good morning🙏🏻
🙏🏻 Jai Shree Ram🙏🏻

I was rapidly thinking about the situations I’m in. I then slowed down and looked at my options. One, I would continue finding a job, or two, start up a franchise solo or with a friend. I currently help my Father in his business. I was bent up about all these options, then this heaven sent message came about and gratitude and calmness prevailed.

I sincerely from my heart want to help people! I feel passionate about trying to even give back a fraction of all that I have been given. Sometimes I feel like I need to pay back my debt or pay love forward to my loved ones and other people. I need to get out of my head and into my heart. I wish the thinking would stop and the emotions would rise.

Even though this is the desire, I must start giving more to others around me in my daily life. I guess it’s true charity begins at home! “Love is nothing but giving” my guide says, and I “love” this HUMANITY, our people, the world, YOU! I wish that we would all earn increasing sense, increasing love, and increasing wisdom! My posts may have much to do about my experiences and reflections but there are all meant to help. Even this past sentence which I’m not erasing is a mark of how my head gets involved and takes attention away from my heart. “Gratitude is the Prayer” my guide says, and I am grateful for the ability to learn, live, write, listen, love and sustain my family.

None of us are perfect but we all have the ability to learn. I am trying to learn from my mistakes, and ameliorate my actions so that Love can be at the top of my life. I think it’s sometimes so hard to Love again as a pure innocent child does, but it’s also so hard to live as a grown adult, there must be a common ground.

Where is the answer if anyone knows🙏

I used to teach Magic Johnson’s daughter and Lionel Richies son at Kaplan when I was studying at UCLA. I motivated children ages 4-17, it was a rewarding experience now that I look back. However, at the time it was one of my two jobs that I held during college, so the earning part was important. I didn’t recognize the rewarding part at that time. I think it’s important to have a consistent job from which you earn your livelihood. But also do what the bottom of your heart yearns for.

I just gave my wife $20 so that she would have some cash. I realized that right now the money I earn is because of my Father’s business, which is okay, but I want to have my own individual existence too. So I suppose it comes down to starting with either option one search for a job, or two start a business of my own. Although, whatever I do I’ll strive to give my best to others around me. May it be my colleagues, customers, or family. The point is to give back in some way and I definitely don’t need to wait for a job or a business, I can start NOW with every person I interact with. It could be as small as a smile or as large as a laugh, whatever the case I believe I just found a full time occupation that will make me feel good by “GIVING” whatever and however I can to others. I pray that this Humanity is able to be inspired to pay it forward always!

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