Quality versus Quantity!

This saying goes a long way in many scenarios of life. It could mean with friendships, or with your daily activities, or with business customers. It could mean many things to many people. I was doing Qigong ancient Chinese techniques to gather energy from heaven and earth. I was in a rush when I was practicing this daily activity and was doing the movements fairly quick. I wasn’t feeling the energy, then I asked myself what’s the point. I then started to do less repetitions and focused more slowly on the movements. Behold, I was gathering energy, I could feel the omnipotent Qi vibrating through the inside of my hands and body. It was a feeling of complete peace. When I wasn’t worried about the count and was more focused on channeling the positive energy. Quality goes a long way in many categories and quantity is good when you have an acceptable quality level. Put quality on top and feel the benefits from your body, mind, heart and eventually your soul. Putting more weight on quality can give us more satisfaction of our actions, only if we follow through with it and make it a habit, so that we don’t get stuck in the temptations to speed life up when we have a choice not to.

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