When I become neutral about life… I have a hard time being passionate!

The other day I was thinking that I can’t rely on tomorrow and must only live in today. I completely forgot that without that hope for tomorrow I also have the tendency to lose passion, or strong emotions. I need intense emotions to get me to do tasks with the utmost sincerity and efficiency. This passion lives in my heart when I have hope but when I don’t have the drive, or emotional ambition or passion to try my hardest TODAY, then how can my tomorrow become fulfilled? It’s only the passion of the heart that creates HOPE. I believe being neutral about life and being non-judgmental are two different aspects. Becoming too neutral about life diminishes our drive, at least that’s what I’ve realized. Being non-judgmental simply means to not assume anything about another person or yourself. I’m trying hard to make my passion “giving to others and myself” however I can without being selfish, while also being selfless. Let’s be passionate, confident, and giving, which is the only I way I want to be living!

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