Why do we become unaware in good times and depressed in bad times? How is balance possible?

Ups and Downs, good and bad are all part of this lifetime, but how can I change my reactions to these circumstances for the better. In good times, some of us can get unaware and forget the hardships we’ve faced from the past. We forget the hopeless moments that ruled our lives once. When things are good for me, I tend to get careless, complacent, and take for granted the good times that I have. My vices come back during good times because I forget where I’ve come from. I hate this, and I am changing this. When in good times, life is so beautiful that we think the good times will never end. We feel confident/over confident, can have ego, and can have the belief that good times will always be there. When this happens, it’s usually a sign of some sort of change that’s about to occur. Before I got laid off from my job a few years ago, I was living on cloud 9, working at a good position for a multi-billion dollar company. Life was good, but little did I realize that my carelessness would end those supposed fun times of life. For the next several years of life, I would go about drowning in problems and suffering from depression. I suppose it was my karma, the good times and the bad. I ended up becoming so negative that I lost all hope. Finally, I’m back on my feet and am in good times right now, but it’s easy to make the same mistake again. Although, I’ve stopped myself from doing that by becoming more present, more grateful, and more humble. My ego has started to diminish but it still exists, my goal in life is to conquer this ego and be balanced in all the good times and bad times. I pray that we all can find balance through whatever means work for us, for me it’s meditation, mindfulness practice, gratitude, prayer, guide, and God.

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