I must stop living in the future!

I realized yesterday during my meditation that I’ve been living in the future for way too long. For years of the past, I have lost my “present”. Sometimes it takes one solid realization to knock some sense into yourself. The next day I stopped being so concerned about “what if this,” or “what if that.” I just trusted the unknown future to a known God. It’s easy to doubt, but very tough to get out of your head sometimes, where the thoughts of the future take over. My thoughts have been a tyranny of suffering that I’m sick of. I just want to live for this moment only, without the grip the thought of the future has. We get so caught in the middle of our fears, that we get lost. I’m sick of the future. I wish no one the suffering that fear gives, only God, self efforts of becoming mindful, and trust in the unknown can get us out of this predicament of living in the future. I pray that all of you reading this can be freed from the fears, the thinking, the pain, and the suffering that being human in this modern society can give you, at no cost. Live for the now! One of my Jain Priests once said your either “NowHere” or “nowhere”, the choice is yours. I pray from my heart that you the readers become aware and free from the small daily daunting thoughts that take you away from your present moment, and end your worries or your suffering. Which can be done by consciously bringing yourself back to your breath, then your original thoughts.

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