Praying for the plants!

I was walking in my backyard today and looked at the Indian Tulsi plant growing. In Indian this green leafed plant is considered holy and is supposed to give good fortune. For the first time without expectation for good fortune, I intrinsically wished that the plant would grow for its own self. It felt good. After all some of these plants naturally have lectins in them which is a self defense mechanism to stop from being eaten. After all they have the desire to grow just like we do. The only difference is that they have been nourishing living beings for millions of years. I made an analogy to humans and how we should also have the desire to grow but then also have the same desire to nourish others with our love, gracious thoughts, attention, and emotions. While praying for this nature we should also pray for ourselves, so that we continue to grow and give to others the way humans have the capability to. Pray, grow, and give!

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