Does there always have to be a point?

Today when taking the wrapper off a medicine bottle, I asked myself what’s the point of this, I could just peel the top of the wrapper off and still use it. I realized there doesn’t always have to be a point for every small thing. I could just do something because I wanted to, not because someone was telling me to do it, or not because there had to be a purpose. I could naturally want to do a simple task like mindfully taking the plastic wrapper off of a bottle, or I could meditate because I wanted to feel good, or I could relax for a bit and be lazy. When we do what we want naturally, sometimes without a point, it’s okay. However, a point or purpose behind a relevant action can give you motivation and the drive to accomplish a task.We don’t always have to be bounded by other people’s requests, or the loud sounds of our family. As long as we honestly, do what is RIGHT for us then following our heart, mind and decisions are quintessential. Although, if we ignore our well wisher’s or family’s requests that we internally know is good for us and still don’t do it then that is stubbornness, stupidity, or even a form of ego. When it comes to important actions that help each of us, it’s essential to DO the necessary, and those actions mostly have a point or purpose.

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