I’m fed up of being selfish!

I’m fed up of consciously and unconsciously thinking about myself and my hopes of success versus caring more often about the others that love me so dearly. My guide is the one who has mainly helped me to start hoping for success again, and he deserves all the love, compassion, and selflessness that exists. I have got so wound up in “wanting” that I forgot about the necessity of love and giving. Without love in my heart I am nothing, but with love I am everything. We need to free ourselves from the greed to “want” and win our own hearts over so that we can purely, wholly, contribute to the people that deserve the best from us. It’s so easy to get caught up in your own mind, thoughts, wishes and goals. How do we maintain the balance of selflessness and selfishness? I believe the best way to segregate these desires is to prioritize, ask yourself where is the balance in my daily life, thoughts, and emotions. Am I giving too much attention to myself or giving out all the positive energy to others. Am I consciously giving selflessly from the heart. Am I taking some of the attention off me and giving it to my loved ones. Am I subconsciously thinking positive for others. These are all trigger points that we can use so that we have a way to enhance our best selves and bring out the inner love in our beings and give the best to the valuable people around us.

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