How can we focus with so many distractions?

I was trying to write yesterday but my phone alerts didn’t stop. I wondered how can I focus with so many distractions. It’s amazing how in this technological age we are so consumed by our devices. If we actually check our screen time and see how often our phone batteries are low, many of us will realize that our phones are dominating our lives. I’m a culprit too. I have to keep my portable charger with me almost everywhere I go. Where is the time to take a take a break and calmly catch your breath in nature? It’s our horrendous habits that makes us look at our email every 20 minutes, or respond to texts right away. We are living in an age where instant gratification is the norm. I miss times where I could step outside and take a minute to muse at the sun, the mountains, or the ocean and wasn’t distracted with so many sounds, thoughts, and feelings. How can we get our innate “nature” back to us? I believe that becoming aware of our habits through the realization of our most popular reaction to the sounds of our devices is a step in the right direction. We can make a decision that we will not touch our phone/device for an hour, unless of course there is a repeat emergency call. Our most common reaction can subside by the proactive step we can take in our conscious awareness.

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