I notice my mind wanders when I’m listening to something that’s not interesting!

I was listening to a Heartmath audio book, the gentlemen was telling a story. All of a sudden I caught my mind wandering. I brought my attention back to me. I realized that my mind is more susceptible to going astray when I’m listening to something that’s boring or not interesting. So I ask myself, how can I make every sound or sight I listen to more interesting? How can I craft a mindful self that enjoys the attention on the breath rather than letting my mind go wild? These tenets of mindfulness have been created for a reason. They are here to help us become aware of ourselves and eventually our surroundings. I believe the way we can make sound and sight more interesting is by coming back to our own breath, movement, and internal feeling when we recognize ourselves becoming bored. May it be an uninteresting story or tv show, the best way to use your time is to focus on the breath, the body, and then the feelings of the heart. If we are compelled to listen to any discourse than we can tune our mind to pick up on the essential principles rather than the examples if we are bored. Music is also another good source to get in touch with your body and the feelings it brings about. Literally, step by step I believe mindfulness is possible!

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