Yearning for Spiritual uplifting!

I have struggled with increasing my yearning for spiritual uplifting in the past. Today, I am struggling with this too. My heart wants so badly to transform the self through spirituality. My actions of meditation exist, yet when I meditate, my being is not constantly filled with the yearning that my heart desires. I suppose some of that inconsistency of yearning must come from my scattered thoughts, which one should consider when being hard on themselves about Anything for that matter. Since the mind is always talking and the only way to stop it at times is to find meditation or the hope of silence. I must make going inward a top priority, this chance to experience this feeling in this very moment won’t come back again. My heartfelt wishes are present in my mind and heart. Yes, I meditate, practice qigong, exercise, pray, but I need to be fully committed to doing my best in all my actions each moment that I live. Do and give your best in all the precious moments life gives you.

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