Say the obvious!

My wife and I were driving the other day and I knew something that was obvious but didn’t blurt it out. A minute later she asked/mentioned about the same thing. What is obvious to some is not obvious to all. Based on the situation and people you are dealing with, we should express the obvious and have no fear of looking silly. This could be in a business or educational setting. Sometimes we think a certain topic which we feel is known to all people surrounding us, but then a minute later someone mentions that topic and then you feel like, “Gosh, I wish I would’ve said something.” It’s a matter of being strong and confident enough to know you won’t look silly for stating something you noticed that was obvious to you. It’s sometimes better to state the obvious, in certain situations when dealing in groups. You can say, “this may be obvious, but I want to mention it.” Sometimes people aren’t paying attention or don’t look at a certain detail. These suggestions about situational awareness can be useful in business and personal matters.

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