Musing on the rising banana tree!

In my backyard, there is a small banana tree that is slowly growing. There is one leave that is on the verge of becoming vertical. This spark of growth made me muse on how I must become more confident, strong, and stand up for all that I am meant to do in this lifetime! It’s interesting how a leave grows out of a tree just because you nurture it. The same way we must nurture ourselves with patience, nutrition, balance of emotions, and the very critical rising confidence that gives us the power to make progress on our path. Confidence sometimes in life comes and goes based on your circumstances, but the one thing that doesn’t leave us is the “chance” we have right “NOW” to try our best by investing our tireless efforts into our life. Life and time doesn’t wait for anyone, but if our breath is still there, we have a chance. That chance that life give us never leaves until the end, so we must capitalize on this chance, do our best and become stronger each fleeting moment.

The rising banana tree!

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