Sleep in order to give yourself freely to others!

I’m laying down in my cozy bed, getting ready to rejuvenate for the night. And this revelation that I must sleep in order to give myself freely to anyone arises. How are these two elements of sleep and giving freely related? I believe that if I don’t sleep enough, then the next day I can’t be my best self. I become lost in the relation of having a tired mind and body and mismatching my words and actions. Life doesn’t flow well. I’ve learned that in order to give myself freely to others I must be rested well so that I can be productive and efficient. If I’m not getting enough rest then it’s almost as if precious time is lost due to not being able to give freely. I don’t want to lose anymore valuable time of this human life, it is priceless that we must make use of it to our best abilities. Rest well by giving your best to yourself first so that you can give to others freely everyday.

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