I absolutely love myself!

After finishing my meditation this morning. I realized the meaningful words my guide has told me to repeat daily, “I absolutely love myself.” I realized that in order to completely love myself I had to give to myself, take care of my self, and just think of ways to be patient with myself. Being patient and giving credit to myself has been difficult, because I have been so caught up with the thoughts that have traversed my mind. Life fills us up with a myriad of worries and to our surprise 90% of those worries don’t even occur. Learning to love and give is the only way to live. I feel the only way to give to yourself is to establish a connection deep within and surpass the realms of the loquacious mind. I am learning that meditation is the only way to go beyond our concerns and free ourselves from ourselves. I give to myself today without any ego or pride, but with sincere intention to swim above the waters of my wavy mind.

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