Meditation station!

I woke up early this morning and got out of the house quickly to take the kids to their soccer game. I absolutely missed my morning meditation session. It wasn’t a good idea to miss it. The whole day until 4pm I was out of kilter, was frustrated, and even angrily reactive at times. It wasn’t the best feeling. Upon arriving back home, I had an opportune time to meditate. I slithered away like a smooth snake looking for his meal. I had meditation for supper. The meal was the most fulfilling one I have had in quite a while. Its as if I was starving like a homeless person who hadn’t eaten in days. It was the most satisfying and peaceful meditation. I’m extremely grateful to my guide for giving me this transformative practice. I felt secure again, I felt the love in my heart again, I felt the calmness rise in my being. Alas, my supper was completed. Meditation is like a meal to me now, it completes the real me. Not the one of old traits, but the one with a new found love.

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