The missing art of not having the sense of awareness!

Earlier today I received a call from the HR manager of a company I interviewed with yesterday. My kids were shouting in the background, and I picked up the phone as I normally would saying, “Hello”, it was after business hours so I wasn’t expecting a business call. I was absolutely discombobulated and made an appointment that I couldn’t necessarily keep. I had to email the HR manager back and try to reschedule the appointment. It was an email exchange that I will never forget. During the most challenging situations, it’s best to sometimes take a second, think clearly, and ask the person if you can call them back. Or just don’t pick up the phone. I didn’t do this, but I may have to learn a very big lesson because of my absent sense of awareness. How can I save myself from making the same mistake in the future? I have to vow to not pick up the phone or call somebody back, when I’m not in the situation to talk or if my kids are around and they are following me all over the place. I learnt a costly lesson. Try to not lose your sense of awareness when dealing in important situations. That’s the time to really become present.

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