The “Cool” Company we see!

Often when we are young teenagers we get attracted to people who are supposedly “cool” because of the way they dress, talk, or act. Today, I saw a young teenage couple walking across the street and it occurred to me that they may be popular at school because of their unique hairstyles or clothes. It’s interesting how details like unique hair and clothes are so important in school. Although, I do recall that when I was young, the kids who were considered cool didn’t usually get the best grades or even have the best attitudes. This could be for various reasons, either they had a challenging home environment or they were not accepted by others in a previous peer scenario. It could be anything. The definition of cool changes as you grow. The people who become successful in society are usually the ones we look towards with eyes of admiration or envy. The whole point of this mental recognition of thinking others are cool, is so that we realize it doesn’t matter if others have money or cool hairstyles. It matters if you, yourself, have the attitude of coolness and some suave within you. Why do we get so attracted to what we don’t have? Why not get enamored by what we DO have? It’s a matter of perspective and if you have or have not already gone through schooling, I hope you understand the purpose of becoming cool is to realize and become your cool self, not others.

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