Confidence with Grace!

I’m learning that with grace one can gain true confidence in themselves. Grace by definition is elegance in manner, motion or action. It’s a gray area where we all could benefit from. If we meander through the meadows of our mind with grace in action, then the feeling of peace arises within the crevices of your heart and mind. We forget about many troubles because the poise, elegance, and confidence in progress takes its shape. For example, I was at a job interview yesterday and I tried to explain things in a smoother way than I normally do. I felt secure after leaving the appointment, and to top it off the Manager on the way out told me I had a great interview and they would call me soon. This little experience gave me a boost in confidence that I didn’t have before the meeting. Prior to the appointment I relaxed my body, and tried to calm my mind and it worked! I was able to answer all questions with patience and some poise. It’s not everyone’s style to talk with grace but I’ve noticed it can help many people when they mentally start to piece together what they intend to say in any conversation or meeting. Life lessons or advice don’t always come easy. However, coming from someone who has made many mistakes in life, this revelation of creating confidence with grace can take you far in business and the society we live in.

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