Giving up or transforming!

Today, my son came up to me and asked, “Papa, can you please take the legs out of my transformer toy?” There was a mini action figurine inside the seat of his toy, the head came off but the legs were still stuck inside.

With all my brute force, I tried my hardest to take it out. Then after a couple minutes I said, I’ll take it out in a bit with some pliers. He then slowly lifted the hatch, an voila he was able to get the legs of the figurine out from the transformer toy.

I virtually gave up instead of using my brain to solve the problem. This made me later realize that I was using the wrong type of power, I needed to use my mind. I needed to not give up so easily, I needed to become like the transformer and transform my mind, attitude, and the way I do things.

These small experiences in life beat us down or bring us up. It’s sometimes the small efforts that subconsciously take us to the next level.

I learned that I need to continue to try different ways of getting to a solution, instead of just using force like I did in this situation. Similarly, in life if you truly want to transform, make it a habit to never give up.

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