Getting to the point of belief!

Some of us have to go through the cycle of doubt in order to create belief. Doubt can transition into belief with hope, faith and trust in what resides deep within you.

Sometimes it takes much needed effort to believe that everything will be just fine. The effort comes in the form of emotion, love, and mental visualization that makes its space in your heart and mind.

There is pain that many of us are going through or have been through. Directed doubt can be the match that lites the fire.

When I say directed doubt, I mean doubt with the intention to find the light in the blazing fiery sun. Which is the all pervading light of belief.

This belief can be towards a higher power, or our own selves. It’s just a matter of finding the inspiration and connection to the space of belief , which resides within the heart and mind.

Mindset is very important. If you’re determined to “believe” every time you experience doubt or even negativity, then the light of belief will shine on you forever.

Every time you see the sun (the light of belief) your belief can be multiplied if you so choose to accept it.

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