Pray for others so the negative karma in the world will decrease!

I was driving earlier today and I saw a homeless person on the street. I felt compassion for her.

I realized that giving her a meal would be helpful. Although, a prayer to decrease her karma would also literally be a blessing in disguise, which she will never know about.

I believe that our karma or deeds put us into the situations that we face during the course of our lives. What goes around comes around! May it be the good deeds or the bad ones. It’s bound to come full circle at some point.

Even a prayer for someone’s bad karma to decrease is an act of merit from the person who prays. It’s a silent act of kindness which no one ever needs to know about except the Almighty!

Today, I will profess out loud my prayer for that lady so that it may inspire others to do the same for people in need of prayers.

We all need some type of blessings, prayers or signs from the universe to bring to us outcome of life that we deserve. I believe we all come into this universe with a karmic account of our good and bad deeds. We have this human life to give our best to ourselves and others around us.

Giving can come in many forms. I believe the material gifts for many are easy to give, but the spiritual ones are rare. The ones where we give our heart, time, and precious prayers to another person or even ourselves.

We don’t expect anything in return when we pray for others, it’s one of the most selfless acts I know of.

Let’s pray together for the people in this world who really need prayers. If you’re a global citizen I hope you’ll take a moment and pray!

“The prayer of today creates freedom for tomorrow” – Sameyh

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