The Rocky Roads of life!

When my children were eating ice cream the other day, they shocked me! For the first time I saw my two sons feeding each other the sweetest and most delicious part of rocky road ice cream, the marshmallow!

To me the marshmallow represented their soft hearts that comes from when they were babies. Yes, on top of the softness is the strong headed, metal cladding that protects them when they’re fighting with each other about the most minute things.

When you see the balance in children whether their yours or not, it’s a beautiful thing to see the other side of the fighting, yelling, hitting and tantrums.

There are smooth gems inside each one of us and there are thorns too. We are born with, and also acquire, these gems and thorns as we grow. But how do we let the smooth surface of the gem sand away the thorn and make it softer?

It is a rocky road to having the thorns that grow inside us, transform into flowers without thorns. I believe the only way for this undertaking to occur is to cleanse your aura, heart, mind, and soul with the basis of why you were created.

It’s important to find your true strengths and optimize them. Most of us don’t know our purpose right away, but intrinsically we eventually do get to know what we’re good at. Honing in on those skills is the first step to blooming into that flower and sanding the thorns away.

When we grow up in a mixed world of peace-war, love-hatred, and positive- negative polarities. Our desires can easily overtake us and cause us to lose touch with all the great attributes and elements this world has.

The world has humanity, which is one of the most sacred entities that exists. We also have this nature, the sun, the moon, the mountains, and the oceans. We are so rich, yet so poor! Do we let our desires drive us, or do we let our pure hearts take our breath away?

The choice is ours. Our desires will always play a role in our thoughts and actions. However, to what extent do our individual desires take us, is the question that I pose to each person who has pure hearted intentions?

The rocky roads of life are different for each one of us, but we all have free will to make choices. That is where I believe it’s important to follow your pure hearted intentions with supported actions and to also curve your negative desires so that they don’t erode your hearts pure and authentic desires.

This relationship of smooth and rocky are the roads to come back to our pure, innocent selves that don’t have biases, or hatred, or endless desires. They only have their important needs and aspirations fulfilled. Let’s try to tread waters that are soft, smooth, and pure. May they fulfill our hearts true desires throughout all the rocky roads of life.

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